Illinois: Welter on DCFS problems: 'That is not what leadership looks like'

Rep. David Welter (R-Morris) joined House colleagues Reps. Tom Weber (Lake Villa), Steve Reick (R-Woodstock), and Deanne Mazzochi (R-Westmont) at a press conference March 17 to demand changes at The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

“In Fiscal Year 2021 there was a staggering 41,970 children indicated as abused or neglected in the DCFS system,” Welter said. “Thirteen thousand, nine hundred and sixty children were indicated as re-abused. Re-abused! Every year since the governor was elected that number has grown. Last year in DCFS’s system, there were 20 deaths attributed to abuse and 68 deaths due to neglect. Four thousand, six hundred and twenty-two children were indicated as sexual abuse victims. Among those were 54 indicated as victims of human trafficking. That is not what leadership looks like. This should be a top priority for the legislature right here in Springfield and it should be a top priority for Gov. Pritzker. We need to act now. We must demand full transparency. That is what is so important. Decisions that are being made by this governor’s administration are passing by with limited to no transparency.”

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