Meet David

David A. Welter (R-Morris) is the newest representative, representing the 75th legislative district. David’s vision for a brighter Illinois drove him to leave his Grundy County Board Chairmanship and run for State Representative. A passion for and belief in public service, David decided against attending a large university out of high school and instead chose to stay in his community and help fix many of its problems. First elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2012, he became the youngest Grundy County Board Member ever.

“I ran for the County Board because I refused to stand idly by while our County Government went on a reckless spending spree during the worst economic crisis of our time. I may be young, but even I know that you should never spend beyond your means.”  

David immediately got to work restoring public trust and reigning in reckless spending. He fought corruption at all levels of county government, voted in favor of turning large County projects over for the voters to decide, and ended taxpayer funded healthcare benefits to part-time County Board members.  

The leadership he showed enabled him to be elected by his fellow board members to serve as the youngest county board chairman in Illinois. Under David’s leadership the County paid down outstanding debt early, reduced future balloon payments and saved county taxpayers over a million dollars in interest over the life of the bonds.  

In a state where credit downgrades are the norm rather than the exception, under David’s leadership Standard & Poor’s upgraded Grundy County’s bond rating from AA- to AA.

David has a record of taking on the status quo, driving savings for taxpayers, and growing jobs. A strong record that represents the values of the people of the 75th District, David will stand up even if he’s the only one if it’s the right thing to do.

David is the proud husband to his wife Ashley and the proud father of his daughter, Autumn and son, David Jr. It’s their future he’s going to Springfield to fight for.